What is Transformology®?

Transformology® is the study of the transformational component of a real-life wake-up call.

It causes people’s lives to change forever (and never revert), WITHOUT having to experience the real-life trauma that usually triggers one naturally.

It’s a world-first, gender-specific transformational process based on the science of Epigenetics.

It’s fast. It’s long lasting. And the results are so powerful that facilitators offer a money-back GUARANTEE of results.

Imagine an ENTIRELY NEW perspective on life, of yourself and others in just minutes. That’s what YOU and your clients/patients can experience during their own ‘on purpose’ wake up call.

Key Elements of Transformology [in relation to Creatrix®]

The 5 Stages of Transformology®

1. ReLEASE – Emotional and limiting blockages
2. ReLEARN – Get your own soul’s life lessons and tools to move forward
3. ReCODE – Delete inherited negative patterning
4. ReFRAME – Your entire perspective
5. ReCREATE – The life you want

What Issues Does It Transform?

Transformology® has released the following issues in clients … even with clients who have spent years in therapy and after finding that NLP, Kinesiology, tapping, hypnosis, and other modalities don’t work.

Our clients have been freed of:

  • Abandonment
  • ‘Not good enough’
  • Anger issues
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Control issues
  • Perfectionism
  • Depression
  • Procrastination
  • Fear of failure
  • PTSD (who said nothing fixes it?)
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Resentment
  • Fear of success
  • Self-sabotage patterns
  • Feeling like a fraud
  • Self-worth issues
  • Grief over inability to conceive
  • Sexual abuse trauma
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Unworthiness
  • Worry

What Makes It So Unique?


Unlike most modalities, Transformology® resolves the issue at it’s true point of origin – epigenetically. As you may know, epigenetics works on the premise that health conditions as well as belief systems and emotional patterning are passed from generation to generation through our DNA.

Studies have proven that it can go six generations deep. That means you can be genetically affected by a pattern created by your great, great, great, great grandparent and chances are you have no conscious awareness of that.

Transformology® founder, Maz Schirmer is also a great example of that as she experienced three generations of physical abuse and four generations of being tortured at gunpoint.

Maz also posed the question: “What if the millennia of shame and suppression that women have experienced through patriarchal influences has been carried on from generation to generation for hundreds, or even thousands of years?”



Maz discovered that because a woman’s neural wiring is different to that of a man, the brain rewiring process needs to be different too.

Not only that, NLP and hypnosis use scripting that is focused on the way a man thinks, so that’s why NLP and hypnosis only works for 1 in 5 women.

That’s also why she developed two gender specific tools – Creatrix® for Women and Innovatrix® for Men.



There’s no need to go to years of therapy or painfully keep reliving the past. Transformology® sets people free of emotional pain in as little as 20 minutes. You can be transformed of all issues in as little as three sessions and it ‘sticks’.

You’ll feel exactly the same way, years later. We have dozens of videos that show results years later.

How? Transformology® enables you to experience the conscious and subconscious life learnings from a situation or problem which extinguishes the limiting belief. So – next time a ‘trigger’ event occurs you automatically act differently… without thinking. That new learning has rewired your DNA.



The results are so powerful that Transformologists® offer a money back, outcome-based guarantee. Simply, if you aren’t happy with the results, we’ll refund your money.



Many coaches and therapists are struggling with their own emotional issues so it’s impossible for them to be of full service to their clients.

All Transformologists® have experienced their own personal breakthrough and receive ongoing sessions with us FREE to ensure they stay performing at optimal levels.

Not only that, they are also sworn to a strict code of conduct to ensure they comply with a set of results-based supportive beliefs. That way you can be sure to receive the highest level of transformation, regardless of which Transformologist® you work with.

What Industry Professionals Say

“I didn’t think it was possible to change women so quickly”

See what our Dutch mental health professionals say about the power of Creatrix®.

Live Creatrix® reviews from Therapists & Personal Development experts

Live evidence of suppression in 100% of women being at the ROOT CAUSE of most of womens insecurities. Ever wondered why endocrinology (hormone specialty) doesn’t talk to psychology who both don’t talk to Epigenetics?

“This is the real deal”

Orlene McKellar – a Clinical Psychologist – is blown away by Creatrix®.

Your Next Step

Transformology® is facilitated by licensed practitioners in over 9 countries.

You can either become a facilitator by completing one of our courses, or you can experience Transformology as a client and have your own personal breakthrough by one of our licensed Transformologists.

WHEN STRESSING OUT, ask yourself: “What would I have to believe for this NOT to be an ‘issue’ right now?” And then ask yourself if it’s possible to believe that. Ask your unconscious mind to notice people and articles/posts to support this alternate belief. Marylin (Maz) Schirmer