Sceptical Kinesiologist, Karen, Says Creatrix® Is The Real Deal

Karen says this was the MISSING PIECE she was looking for. She’s excited to set other women free because Creatrix® is the only thing that could set HER free.




We followed Karen regularly adding “real life” updates over time

I’ve got my plan, I know where I want to go and know what I want to do, so I don’t need to feel that I need to check in with them that that’s the right thing. So, yeah, I’m just really pumped that my job actually is so clear. I know what I’m going to do. It’s already there, I just needed to get my shit out of the way to allow myself to bring this to other women. So, yeah, I’m really excited.

A few days earlier we asked Karen what she felt her confidence levels were at getting results

So, the methods that I use to help women through their blocks now would be kinesiology as a tool, I use EFT as a tool. I guess that’s why I’m here, to be brutally honest, I do run programs and I do work with women already but I’m always doubting myself. Is this going to work? Is their issues going to come back? Am I doing a good enough job? All of those things keep running through my mind, so, yeah. So, having a guaranteed outcome for me was – I kind of – I guess the crux of why I came to learn Creatrix®, to be able to actually completely get the shift for them, so that they um – I don’t necessary know if it was to make me feel better but – because I know that we can get change and get an outcome but, yeah, I think it’s more just the self-doubt.

After our personal Global Transformatrix® look at the difference

I’m 100% now, yeah, confident about getting results. I’ve been hesitant for so long but I know that this definitely delivers. I just know it. I know it, I’ve felt it, I’ve lived it, I just have 100% complete faith that I can get the results. If I can get results for myself I can get results for my clients and that just liberating.

We also asked what mental blocks are stopping Karen from business success

So, yeah, fear of rejection, self-sabotage. I’m at a point with my business, and I do have an online business that helps empower women, and I know that I’m the biggest block in it. I think there’s a fear of success, fear of actually succeeding in what I’m going to do and doing a good job at it. I think I’m my biggest block, just, yeah, whether it’s self-doubt, whether it’s feeling like I need to people please or getting approval of others, that’s been a big thing lately, is probably not trusting my own gut and feeling like I need confirmation from other people that I’m on the right track or that I’m doing the right thing, which gets exhausting because I think “why can’t I just make that decision and go ahead and do it?”

After Creatrix®

My biggest blocks now, I – I don’t even associate with fear of rejection or putting myself out there. I just – I could just feel the connection and I just know that what I’ve got to give is going to help benefit many, many women and that’s just pure gold, I think. It’s – I can’t explain it any other way, other than, yeah, I just know that working with them is just going to be liberating for them and they’re just gonna see the changes. If they can see the changes in me, they can definitely experience them themselves.

I haven’t even thought of fear of success or not doing a good job. I just know that I’m going to deliver and I’m going to – I can help those women. Because, I’ve just got pure belief in that now, so that’s, yeah – that’s really, really good.

How does Creatrix® compare to other modalities

Well, I’ve done a lot of courses and I – it doesn’t compare. It does not compare. I’m not searching for any more missing links. I know who I am, I know what I want and I know I can deliver that now to other women, so, yeah, no comparison, as far as I’m concerned. I was very sceptical at the start because I have done so many courses that it was just going to be “that other course”. But, nuh, this is the real deal. This is it and I don’t feel I need to use any other tool now and I’ve got a few in my toolbox. So, that is just liberating and amazing, so, yeah, super excited. And I know that this is what I needed. This is the piece that I needed to actually move my business up to soar. So, I’m – yeah, can’t wait to just get my hands out there and spread this with everyone and, yeah, help set them free emotionally too. So, yeah, emotional freedom for women, I’m coming.

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