Julie’s Self Doubt and Fear of Failure in Business Are Gone

Julie feared failure in business and was not confident to help other women heal for good, but she had crippling self-doubt that she could get the kind of fast and lasting change like Creatrix® can. See what happened.




We followed Julie regularly adding “real life” updates over time

I can see a clear picture. Like I’ve got a journey and I’ve got a direction. Yeah, and I feel confident. Yeah, I feel confident that it’s – it’s mine, yeah. I’m not worried about anybody else. This is my path and, yeah, it’s good – feels good.

A few days earlier we asked Julie what she felt her confidence levels were at getting results

I currently rate my confidence at the – using your rate of – rate it with currently what I put forth, probably about one or a two out of ten. The reason why I’d rate it one or two out of ten is I don’t back it 100%. I don’t believe that it probably would work on the person I’m teaching. Maybe – I’m hopeful that it could. They might be a little bit more savvy with it than I was, and – but, yeah, I don’t have the confidence to teach it to somebody else when it doesn’t work for me. I think it’s important that, you know, I just pull little bits and pieces out of whatever I think would work and then deliver that and hope for the best.

We also asked what mental blocks are stopping Julie from business success

My three biggest blocks that are holding me back now would be that my family been in business in the past and they’ve struggled. You know, nothing has been easy – nothing has been easy in business in my family. My Mum and Dad struggled. They’ve had a lot of broken businesses, we’ve been pushed in, us kids, running businesses as we were kids and we hated being there. You know, so, there’s that failure, I guess, of that you’re not going to make it work, yeah. So, I’d say that – and also, money, you know, like I – all I hear is like “it takes money to start a business”, you know. My mum’s like “oh you gotta have so much set aside, you’ve got to have your base – you know, baseline, you’ve got to know how your clients and how are you going to get them”. So, there’s a lot of negativity around running your own business, so that’s a big block for starters. You get over that little hurdle of a – the negative vibe straight away.

And, I suppose, it’s just the sense of that inadequacy to be able to deliver a product or some – a service that, you know, clients can relate to. The reason why I chose this Transformologist® training is because I can be a better person. I want to be a better person. I want to be able to feel like I’m part of something bigger and be able to help others feel the same way, yep. We’ve got a lot of lost people in this world, me being one of them, and I think this will help transform me into that person that can help guide people to where – a better place, even if it’s just minuscule at starters, you know, until they can just see there’s a little bit better way of doing something. Yeah.

After our personal Global Transformatrix® look at the difference

Feels amazing, yeah, I totally – that, yeah, I don’t feel like it’s an issue, yeah. People should have their own business and be, yeah, getting money and doing what they want to do and have the freedom to have it wherever, so you don’t have to be stuck in a shop, you don’t have to be stuck there 24 hours a day. Yeah, set your hours, set your life, make it a life choice, rather than run life. Just got to have the right tool and put your hand up and ask for help when you need it. So, I think, yeah, that’s probably the biggest thing for me, knowing I’m not alone in it, so – and I’m not stuck in it, so yeah, I can just do it freely at my level of business. It doesn’t have to be a shape of anybody else’s business, it’s mine and I own this business and this is how I’m going to run it, yeah, and I think we get caught up with how people run business and how we should be doing it, and I think I was caught up with all that. Now I’m thinking “oh my God, I can do my own business. I can be my own person in my own business and that’s okay. There’s no stress around it or having to put a label on anything anymore, like the blocks of money. It’ll come and I don’t have to worry about that side of things anymore. So, being confident and in touch with what you’re doing. I think that’s probably a thing, be in that moment of what you’re doing and just, yeah, believing in it.

How does Creatrix® compare to other modalities

You name it, I’ve been in whatever course that’s going. So, for self-development, training, teaching, anything that I can read – a book or pick up or watch something on YouTube. Constantly I’d wake up in the morning the YouTube is on, on professional development, self-development, everything. So, you know, I’m thinking “okay, there’s a tip there” or “okay, I’ll do that today”, you know, and then you lose it during the day, sort of like what am I supposed to be doing today? Oh that’s right, what was that? I’ll have to watch that video again because it’s not, you know – I’m not owning it. So, um there’s no other – there’s nothing out there like Creatrix® that I’ve seen, and I didn’t know what to expect when I got here. I had no clue, so I’d say to other women, just give it go, just, you know, everyone’s got baggage, everyone’s got an issue, a feeling, a problem, you know, whatever. That emotional baggage you carry around the rest of your life, get rid of it. It doesn’t matter what it costs, just get rid of it, you know, free your life up. I’m just keen to see where life takes me now and if any emotion comes up I can Creatrix® that. And knowing there’s a solution out there now, so, yeah, I think that’s probably the biggest thing now. I always think “oh, what if that problem comes or this problem comes or if I get another something out, you know, what I mean, emotion attached to that or if I get a feeling or whatever” but I’m not even worried about that anymore because I can work on that. I know there’s Creatrix® there.

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