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Our Transformology® Courses are for coaches, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, or anyone wanting to help others achieve FAST and LASTING RESULTS in their personal growth.

Already, over 200 Transformologists® in 6 countries are setting hearts and minds free using Transformology®.

This is your opportunity to join them.

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If you are an OPEN-MINDED, PASSIONATE coach, therapist, counsellor, psychologist or anyone else who is passionate about empowering others for a living, you can become certified in our cutting-edge breakthrough technology that actually works.


Previous qualifications are not required.


When you become a Transformologist®, you are given the most advanced tool for personal growth available anywhere in the world.
Along with this certification, you will experience your own breakthroughs and have the opportunity to practice the process on your course peers, facilitating their breakthroughs.


You also receive THOUSANDS of dollars worth of bonus business growth strategies, templates and tools to help you build a thriving business as a Transformologist®.

Course Details

Transformology® features gender-specific breakthrough tools so we run gender-specific facilitator training courses. Choose either Creatrix® (for women) or Innovatrix® (for men) to learn more about our courses for each modality:

Our Process for Women

Process for Women

Global Transformatrix®

Creatrix for Women

Our Process for Men

Global Transformatrix®

Innovatrix® for Men

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