Negative Emotions can be your UNCONSCIOUS MIND’s way of communicating. It’s using your ‘body’ to have you ‘feel’ a pain to show you that your mind needs a ‘service’.

The thing that has led us away from ourselves is the day of the inception of psychology, when the grandfather of psychology hypothesised that we are separate to our thoughts, as if they live entirely separate. Thus psychology was born, never again to be part of science. This division has caused us to grow further and further away from our ‘whole’ and completeness. We are one mind/body/spirit. These are not separate. Each affects each. Try this exercise to prove it. Close your eyes, think a thought that always makes you feel an emotion and notice it’s felt ‘physically’. There’s an actual location. So with that in mind….

Negative Emotions are NORMAL as they are your internal INTUITIVE GUIDANCE SYSTEM (IGS). This exists to guide you safely through life. It’s your NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM (GPS). For WOMEN, however, we also experience fluctuations naturally as a part of our FEMALE hormonal cycle just to keep it interesting. You are NOT going crazy, you’re simply as unpredictable as the ocean, but even the ocean becomes predictable around certain times of the year and phases of the moon, just like we become predictably unpredictable in sync with the natural ebbs and flows of the tide itself.

Every cell of your body, including your brain and all organs, are coded according to your biological sex, not just the cells of your reproductive organs.

The 7 Forces and How to Use Negative Emotions to Get Your Life Lessons

  1. It’s a STOP signal, so take time to listen. Something’s out of whack. Notice what it is that triggers the feelings? The head and heart are leading you against your gut instinct. Your unconscious mind is trying to bring something into your awareness. In fact, if you don’t, you will see it become a cycle or it gets worse until you pay attention. Because one of the jobs of your unconscious mind is to prove your conscious mind right; your conscious mind is not driving you ‘well’. You’ve been led astray by your heart or head, time to come back to your gut and the answer is right there inside you. It takes learning to quieten down your mind so you can ‘feel’ into it with your GUT, not your ego-centric brain or your conditioned heart.


  1. (FOR WOMEN) As cliché as it sounds, it could be just ‘that time of the month’ or a part of your cycle (yes, even if you’ve had a hysterectomy or post menopause, you have a pattern). Wait a week, if it is still there it can be one of the following…


  1. A sign to STOP, Assess and MAKE A DECISION that you’ve been subconsciously avoiding. Your intuition is yelling at you to notice something, so you can come out of denial and make a decision. The reason for a denial is often a perceived level of discomfort attached to all choices, this makes you choose the devil you know, rather than the one you don’t, so to speak. Change MUST happen for it to stop.


  1. A suppressed emotion. They seem to come from left field and feel BAAAAAAAD. As extremely intense and convincing these tricky suckers can feel, they can make you believe you’re unfixable and that in itself stops you get getting help, particularly if you aren’t a very aware person around the fact that your emotions can change through techniques and deep wisdom. You need to get your life ‘lessons’ around this particular emotion to break the cycle.


  1. Not living congruent to your values. You’re choosing choices and decisions that don’t align with your personal integrity. This means that you may have to make, not just decisions that are obvious, but big life re-directions, such as a new job or possibly start an entirely new career in a new industry, for example, or relocate to another area or leave a relationship.


  1. Living your life according to someone else’s rules. Compromise, often under guilt. This is like number 5, however, it can usually be corrected by speaking up and instilling boundaries. It’s time to find your voice. No one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself enough to not accept certain behaviours. These conversations are not as scary as we often predict. Done with love you can be surprised at how well it improves relationships. The conversation can start something like “I come to you with love, however, it’s time I address something with you for me to be happy. I want to make you aware that when you (do ‘blah blah’) I feel xyz and I’ve realised you (or the thing you ask or expect of me) is the trigger to me feeling ‘blah blah’ (whatever the negative emotion is). Because I choose not to feel that anymore, I’m asking you to do ‘blah blah’ instead (and/or I won’t be doing ‘blah blah’ anymore…)” Often, this is enough to change the dynamics of a relationship for the better. If you get a negative response you might say something like “I respect your choice, however, I also respect mine, therefore the consequences will be that I choose (then lay down your boundary rule and the consequences of not adhering to them)…”


  1. You need to get your deep life lessons and you can do it really quickly and painlessly using Creatrix® for women and Innovatrix® for men, facilitated by a licensed Transformologist®, to bring clarity and get it over with, so you can get on with it. Done via Skype, anywhere in the world means there’s now a solution to this problem that previously has not existed in the entire personal development and psychology industries.


Ultimately, negative emotions exist to redirect you back to your own highest good, so don’t hate on them. Thank them and go ‘inside’ to reconnect to your highest good and let your gut help you out. TRUST IT more than you trust your heart or your head.

Maz Schirmer