Welcome to the study of TRANSFORMOLOGY® that deletes the need for psychology or counselling and breaks the cycle at the deepest root.

What is Transformology®?

It’s the MISSING PIECE in the mental health and personal growth industries right now.

Transformology® is the study of the transformational component of a real-life wake-up call that causes a life to change forever (and never revert)… WITHOUT the trauma that usually triggers one naturally.


We all know the story of someone who was unhealthy, unmotivated and unhappy. Someone who, after a heart attack goes on to run marathons and write healthy cookbooks, don’t we?!

It’s rare and we don’t all get to experience our very own ‘life pivotal’ wake-up call do we?!

Imagine what would happen if we could experience that ‘wake-up call’… without the pain or emotional trauma that usually comes with it.

That’s what Transformology® does.

LEARN TRANSFORMOLOGY® and discover the principals, science and art of ACTUAL transformation. You’ll experience your own transformation and – discover what it takes to assist others to experience theirs too.

It’s the world’s only breakthrough solution that emulates a wake-up call without reliving emotional trauma and rewires a person’s gender-specific neurology.

PLUS, results are so powerful, facilitators offer a money back, outcome based guarantee. Yes, a guarantee!

Imagine an ENTIRELY NEW perspective on life, of yourself and others in just minutes.

That’s what YOU and your clients/patients can experience during their own ‘on purpose’ wake up call.

Would you like to be confident enough to offer a complete OUTCOME-BASED money back guarantee?

You Can Become a Transformologist® in just 6 – 7 Days!


One for men and one for women. Because the female mind is wired DIFFERENTLY from the male mind. Whether you are interested in becoming a Transformologist®, or would just like to learn more, please choose Creatrix® (for women) or Innovatrix® (for men) below:

Our Process for Women

Process for Women

Global Transformatrix®

Creatrix for Women

Choose this option if you WERE born with a uterus.

Our Process for Men

Global Transformatrix®

Innovatrix® for Men

Choose this option if you were NOT born with a uterus.

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Peer Reviews

“There isn’t anything in Clinical Psychology like this”

Katy is a prior professional Psychologist that has conducted more than 11,000 hours of one-on-one therapy work with clients.

Live Creatrix® reviews from Therapists & Personal Development experts

Live evidence of suppression in 100% of women being at the ROOT CAUSE of most of womens insecurities. Ever wondered why endocrinology (hormone specialty) doesn’t talk to psychology who both don’t talk to Epigenetics?

Hypnotherapist shares how Creatrix® is more transformational & has grown her business dramatically

Cheri was a successful Hypnotherapist who threw it all in after experiencing Creatrix®, because she KNEW she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t.

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