The 7 Fundamental Flaws

in Solutions Available in the Breakthrough Mindset Industry

Maz Schirmer hypothesised these critical 7 FLAWS within current personal growth modalities and mental health solutions currently available to the public. Transformology® was born from the work that eventuated from discovering this, which helped her create tools such as Creatrix® for Women and Innovatrix® for men, that create LASTING change and breaks the cycle at the very root cause. These tools emulate the deep transformation that occurs during a RAPID ‘wake up call’ type moment. Transformology® tools are so successful at achieving outcomes, these programs come with a money back ‘outcome based’ guarantee to clients. That’s unheard of in the personal growth and mental health world.



1. The solution comes from OUTSIDE of yourself from an ‘expert’ looking in at your problem where the solution does not exist. This is supposed to bring you clarity and enough for you to ‘choose’ consciously to do something about your unconscious programming. Understanding has NOTHING to do with solving the ‘root’ cause which you cannot ever be sure of. Understanding the symptom by both the analyser and the client with the issue is fruitless and unnecessary.Delivering therapy via the vessel of a therapist, teacher or coach who has their own conditioned filters, and their teachers’ filters and manuals that were written based on ‘belief’ systems behind the original human being who made the first hypothesis is fraught with unconscious roadblocks.

No one has ever asked questions to ensure that orignal hypothesis stands today (how dare you challenge science and experts with ‘degrees’), even all these years later regardless that solutions are not cutting through the epidemic of anxiety and fear in everyday individuals.  What originated through male brain filters centuries ago have been elaborated on and further developed without doubling back and re-hypothesising. Maz Schirmer did just that, hypothersising that one soul can’t heal another soul as a main foundation that would speed up transformation for those suffering mental or emotional health issues.


2. That through understanding your current life issues and analysing what caused them, you can change the deeply ingrained patterns and intergenerational cycles, regardless that we now know THROUGH THE SCIENCE OF EPI-GENETICS that we inherited unresolved issues from our ancestors, therefore we’re working on the symptoms really not the root. There are epigenetic universities all over australia with 354 registered epigeneticists all indoctrinated to believe the solution will be found in a lab so that’s where you’ll find them. Maz Schirmer’s Transformatrix tools work 100% organically and in alignment with the most ancient ways of using our mind to learn.


3. That looking ‘backwards’ through time you’ll get through the thousands of triggers to eventually learn from them to snap you out of it. Nope, impossible. There’s another way….. A better set of perceptions where there’s zero filters in the way.


4. That you must either do the work consciously through talk therapies or Unconsciously through hypnosis or energy work etc where one part of your mind is usually dismissed in importance or relevance. Both the conscious (the instructor) and the unconscious mind (the part that runs your mind programming on automation) need to BOTH be involved and learn TOGETHER.


5. They choose to work separately at the levels of values, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and cognitive logical strategy levels whereas Creatrix® and Innovatrix® change this ENTIRE list at once because the entire wake up call raises emotional and mental intelligence way ABOVE the issues and it all happens at a cellular DNA level of pattern breaking.


6. Mind and body are separate industries and do not affect each other. For example endocrinology (hormone specialisation) does not even talk to psychology, yet it’s evident that hormone’s affect our moods and perception, especially in women. Maz Schirmer’s tools work on you as a whole being, not separate in mind, body OR soul, this ensures the entire WHOLE you get’s the transformation, at the SAME time. Maz Schirmer’s trainers teach her Transformologists to educate clients with charts to understand the difference between hormonally driven issues that are usually normal and will pass, versus chronic issues that need to be addressed with tools like Creatrix® or Innovatrix®.


7. One size fits all approach that does NOT consider that although nature, nurture and inherited patterning stemming from  thousands of years and by hundreds of generations who wore your genes before they got to you all are important influences, each of these alter each GENDER’S perception of reality, differently. Because of this Maz Schirmer had to create 2 versions of the process, because she had to build this process around the ‘speak’ of the body as well as the mind and each one only works on a body born with or without a womb. Both these revolutionary tools are created in line with her above hypothesis and remarkably, GET RESULTS her Transformologists can GUARANTEE.


So in summary, Maz Schirmer created Transformology® which is the study of the exact moment of a real life wake up call that rarely occurs in one’s lifetime, that in a split second entirely redirects a persons life, never to revert back, affecting every choice point for the rest of their life. Perhaps it was that she’d experienced one of these real life ‘wake up calls’ herself after experiencing her first ever grand mal seizure at age 30 that led her to pioneer such a revolutionary breakthrough for the industry of mental and emotional health.


She then went on to create the tool (Creatrix® for women and Innovatrix® for men) that EMULATES a real life wake up call, ensuring all of the above flaws were fully factored in to ensure the results were LASTING and broke the entire intergenerational cycle. She has up to 6 years of EVIDENCE of hundreds of women in 7 countries on videos of what appears to be miraculous transformations never seen before… CLICK HERE to go back to our homepage.

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Process for Women

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